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Kingston society combats student depression

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Photo: ACS banner for movie night

Kingston ACS Society Ambassadors are combating student depression and loneliness amongst freshers with COVID friendly activities.

This week a group of Kingston's Afro-Caribbean Society Ambassadors have recently organised a few, new interactive online activities which all freshers are invited to participate in.

These activities involve:

-Movie nights

-Zoom talks covering mental health, self-esteem, mental disorders

-Weekly live streams surrounding student life & navigation

-Livestreams to introduce members of the ACS team

ACS Ambassador Arilyn said: "The most popular activity currently amongst the freshers is the Netflix movie night which we hold every Friday, it enables the freshers to watch a movie whilst socialising from the comfort of their homes."

According to 'Mind', just over two thirds (68%) of young people said that their mental health had got worse during the lockdown, with this rising to three quarters (74%) of people aged 18–24. -{}


ACS Ambassador Tai said: "This is a difficult time; I have struggled with depression in the past especially during my first year. I think the Zoom talks will provide a good opportunity for our freshers to open up about any problems they may be facing. It will also assist them in meeting new people in a more convenient friendly way."

For more information about upcoming activities and joining the ACS society please visit

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