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Seething Wells Action Group urging locals to sign petition

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Photo: Seething wells Filter beds

Seething Wells Action Group are urging residents to sign their petition in effort to stop the destruction of the historic Seething Wells filter-beds

Thousands of Kingston residence have signed a petition to stop the destruction of the Seething Wells filter-beds. The filter beds are of great significance for many. Built 170 years ago, these filter beds assisted in combating London’s' 1854 Cholera pandemic, by providing clean water. This is a unique and historical site that due to neglect of its owners has begun to lose its gleam.

Local resident Alex Cunningham said: “All the locals, including myself, have seen how the owners have systematically destroyed the land and its vegetation and we are appalled.”

The Seething Wells Action Group (SWAG) is imploring all Kingston residents to sign their petition and join their fight for the restoration of the Seething Wells filter-beds. Members of SWAG are also desperately calling on Kingston Council, MPs and the Mayor of London to take the appropriate measures needed in an effort to restore and preserve the heritage of the filter-beds.

Local councillor Sharon Sumner said: “Our main aim is to obtain 10,000 signatures and right now we are at just under 9,000.Once we’ve reached our target, we can officially bring our concerns before a panel and begin to gain some closure.”

The filter-beds are believed to have been poorly maintained by current owners; Cascina Limited, resulting in their proposed destruction. However, residents believe that an official classification of the filters as a local nature reserve and monument could help to enforce regular maintenance.

SWAG intends to obtain government verification of the Wells with the help of the petition signing, legally titling it as a monument and further gaining it regular and appropriate maintenance.

Local resident Stuart Pike said: “This is a valued area of local importance to many of us and should therefore be declared as a nature reserve.”

For more information about supporting this plea, please visit: https://www.change. org/p/rbk-council-save-seething-wells-filter-beds

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